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It all started with complaints about how hard an angelfire address was for users to find and turned into a lifelong branding. LateModelRacing.com was born out of a column that first appeared in 1993 in a publication called the "All Iowa Review". Over time, it morphed into a internationally published auto racing news/gossip column, an experimental website on Angelfire, and finally, it's own beast.

LateModelRacing.com itself has gone through many transformations since its original creation in January of 2000. The site was one of the first on the internet with comprehensive nationwide coverage of all the big sanctions, series and drivers. It won numerous awards, competing primarily with WhoWon and RedFlagNews as THE stop online for racing news, not just results! Featured blogs came in from the likes of Chub Frank and Bret Sievert, series like Hav-A-Tampa, and columnists alike. The site also featured one of the most comprehensive collections of auto racing websites from drivers, to series, to other media outlets. 

An early version of the LateModelRacing.com news section.

In the early years, the site was entirely maintained by Brent Rosencrans as a "hobby". However, sifting through nearly 1,000 emails/day or more became daunting and the site was cut back. In 2001, The addition of Brent's then girlfriend Lyne Bryant in 2001 saw more ambition and in the offseason, the site was totally redesigned, with the new look appearing in March 2002. Among the changes was the introduction of Merchandise. Photos, magnets, and other merchandise were available. The site also split into Dirt and Asphalt news and featured an entire section devoted to the new phenomenon of Dirt Late Model computer/video games. Marketing services were added as well, including web design/hosting and full time media/sponsor relations packages. 

Massive redesign was made in 2002

In 2006, a Featured Race of the Week was added, giving track promoters free advertising for a week on the main page of the site. This also got guaranteed blog and photo coverage as the LMR crew was in full effect. In August of 2006, the site was shut down due to health and financial issues.

The doors of LMR remained shuttered until 2014. A newly designed site was brought back to life in January of that year. In May, Facebook and Twitter accounts were added, but times were still tough as the team struggled to break back into the industry. In 2015, a massive hacking took down all of Rosencrans' sites, including LMR. However, the team huddled together and in January 2016, yet another version using all new software rose from the ashes. Still primarily a one-man operation, the site quickly grew to more news than one man could handle and a decision was made in October 2016 to again change the game. 

Having been a pioneer in bringing racing news to the internet, Rosencrans decided to again pioneer a new idea, treating the website more like an online magazine with featured articles and blogs that focused on the people and places that make racing great. Awesome things are coming in 2017 and we thank you all for being part of the family! Keep watching the Home Page for updates as we prepare to make 2017 the greatest year in our history!

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